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Shymkent was founded in the twelfth century as a caravanserai to protect the Silk Road town of Sayram, 10 km to the east. Shymkent grew as a market center for trade between Turkic nomads and the settled Sogdians. It was destroyed several times: by Genghis Khan, soldiers from the southern Khanates, and by nomad attacks. In the early 19th century it became part of the khanate of Kokand. It was captured by the Russians in 1864. It was renamed Chernyaev in 1914 and renamed Shymkent in 1924. Following the Russian conquest, Shymkent was a city of trade between nomadic Turks and sedentary Turks, and was famous for its kumis.

There was a gulag located near Shymkent, and many Russian-speaking people came to the area via imprisonment.

The name Shymkent comes from two Persian/Tajik words, later adopted and adjusted to Kazakh language: "cheman"/"cham" (shim in Kazakh) meaning turf, and kand (kent in Kazakh), meaning city. Together, Chemkand or Shymkent for "city in the grass/turf."

After Kazakhstan gained independence, the city was renamed Shymkent in 1993 as part of the government’s campaign to apply Kazakh names to cities. The formal spelling of Шымкент (Shymkent) as codified in Kazakhstan’s Constitution goes against the Russian spelling rules of never having the letter "ы" follow the letter "ш". As a result, the new name Шымкент (Shymkent) is used only in Kazakhstan, while Russia and some other countries using Russian language continue to use the original spelling Чимкент (Chimkent).

In January 2015 Shymkent officials sent a request to UNESCO to be recognized as an ancient city.




Shymkent city downtown

     The Peace Avenue Shymkent city  

Alley near Pushkin s Library

      220px Ordabasy Plaza Shymkent  photo



Information taken from " https://en.wikipedia.org "

February 23 2017

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