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The task of the school - to give children a quality education and proper upbringing. Performance - the successes of students, alumni. The school, when viewed from the economic point of view, a very specific industry. The Director manages and coordinates the interaction between children, teachers and parents, so there must be a good teacher, and organizer. Economic activity - it is a necessity to own legal and economic knowledge. So the word "manager" is quite appropriate. On the other hand, the school - a specific group, that even an experienced manager can not succeed if it is not the Master, a teacher by vocation. Take care of the teacher's role in his team, to create conditions for the disclosure of teachers' abilities director can fully only if he knew the essence of the teacher's work. The cornerstone - the teaching staff. With pride and joy, I can say that we have virtually no turnover. Many teachers are working here for decades and firmly fused their own destinies with the native school. This Semykina N. , Konnikov EN, Semenova TA, Petrov NP, Akchurina MB, Kim A., Pyataykina TV, Shmiralieva SA, Akchurina MB, Imambekova ZS, Rakhimov, BK, VF Yesipov, Kim E., S. Stroganov, Kovalevskaya, N., Mordovia, NN, NN Yeleussizova, Lapenko E. G. Toleshbaeva Z.Zh. and many more. All of them are highly qualified specialists, competent teachers, in a word.

All successful teachers - ascetic, humanists! Very easy to say "I love children," and pat the child on the head. A step by step, year after year, despite the difficulty, to provide the child the conditions for growth, development and training - this can not everyone. And if the man came at the behest of the soul, nobody hurt. A harmony of the soul of every teacher prevails only when he sees the results of their work.

We follow the fate of the graduates, after all their success - is the fruit of pedagogical work, the results of efforts by the entire team. The success of schools depends on the harmony that prevails in the team. We have created a favorable atmosphere, focused on fulfilling the main goal - to give students the education and upbringing. Convinced that the teachers are unique, rare, people of a special stock of the soul that can dedicate his life to serving the noble goal - educating the next generation.

I believe that the main thing - it's intrinsic motivation of students. Possession of the state language, and now it is important for adults. Man must consciously approach the process, if he chose to live in Kazakhstan and work for the benefit of our multinational country. Official language - an integral part of the country and its culture. The main priority of our state - it is international consent, and the Kazakh language should be the core that will unite all people. The Education Act clearly states that all educational institutions regardless of ownership, need to learn three languages: Kazakh as the state, Russian as the language of international communication and English as one of the most important international. Languages - a weighty dignity of any professional, it is understood by all. And those children who are at the proper level of learning the Kazakh language, by 2020, will occupy a key position. It is important that the ardent desire of students was supported by strong methods of teachers, the systems approach. Now, there are a sufficient number of textbooks, many techniques. Year after year, the Kazakh language is firmly embedded in people's minds. I think that we reach the goal, when all the country's population will own official language.

I think it has affected the spiritual self-storage is not only children but also of teachers. It is so easy and so joyful. - Approach to his work with the soul, with love and enjoy every day. Not indifference, but an attempt in any man, and the phenomenon of finding something good and positive - is not it beautiful? That is what teaches a new subject. The truth is simple - children need to learn to be human, to treat people the way they would like them to treat him. At the time of becoming a person of good lessons are needed. On the lessons of self-knowledge children learn that life - a job for themselves and others and is a complex process of relationships.

Children - a reflection of their parents. They will not do what they were told mom and dad will not remember and do all the lecturing and moralizing point, they will do as their parents do. So the main thing - to keep the degree of trust between the two generations, to develop and foster a sense of love, care and responsibility. Every parent wants to raise an obedient and intelligent child, oblivious to the fact that he needs to pay attention: time to give advice, listen to problems, share their experiences, to see and celebrate it something good, enjoy his success, spend more time together as a and much more. In this task and how the implementation of the parent "work" are similar to the teacher. Only if all three parties - the children, teachers and parents - will be closely working for a common good goal for the future of the younger generation, we will not worry.

I would like to wish all the teachers of our country uchpehov creative and prosperity of his native Kazakhstan!

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